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The one thing that CBD Movers is known for in Brisbane is its professionalism. What makes this brand so highly recommended is the dedication of the skilled and highly qualified removal experts working with this company.

We have our operators spread across various locations in Australia and they come highly sought-after not only by families but various corporate undertakings as well. A growing global conglomerate, CBD Movers commands a strong reputation and a sterling track record for more than 15 years now.

You can rely on the services of one of the highest-reviewed packing and moving companies in Australia for giving you the most appropriate and dependable services round the clock. You can count on our:

  • Large fleet of vehicles that are always at your service
  • Eveready professionals available to assist you around the clock
  • Simple and fast packing processes
  • Punctual and reliable moving procedures and a lot more
relocating relocating
15 Years of

House Removal

Punctuality, care, and precision are what we are known for when it comes to house removal services


Furniture Removal

Looking for reliable and prompt furniture removal? We are a brand that you can trust


Office Relocation

Office removal and relocation can get complicated but not when a reliable Brisbane removalist is with you


Two men and a truck

Our 2 Men and a Truck service is the most reliable and cost-effective option available in the Brisbane area.


You can rely on our dependable and skilled staff to pack and move all your belongings safely and securely to the location of your choice.

Quality And Prices You Are Going To Love

Planning a move but don't know your next move? We are here to help! With us, you get a free home removal and office relocation estimate regardless of the size of your property and the number of belongings that you want to transport. We have been active in this industry for the past 15 years and have always believed that our quality of service speaks for itself. We make sure that all your belongings are safe and arrive at their destination/new location on time and securely. Regardless of whether you want your stuff moved down the street or across the country, you can rely on CBD Movers in Brisbane.
  • We relocate your office, home, retail store, restaurant, and any other establishment that you own and run in the city
  • We are here for you whether you are moving a few blocks down the street or to another part of the country
  • You can count on us for comprehensive services including packing, storage, and unpacking
  • You will be kept up to date with every single process right from the initial quote to the final transference

Why Choose Us?

You will not find a more dependable and reputable house and furniture removals company in the market. People choose us for 3 solid reason

Communication And Transparency

Our staff members and professional packing experts, movers, truckers, and everyone on our team will be constantly in touch with you. You will be updated on the location and condition of your belongings whether it is your office or home.

Written Communication

We will take inventory of all your belongings and provide you with written estimates. Whatever communication we do verbally, we give you proper written information that ensures a smooth transition.

Professionalism And Efficiency

We have a large fleet of trucks equipped with tracking system and moving equipments to ensure the safe and smooth transport of your treasured belongings. Our trucks have hydraulic tailgate lift, which make it easier for our movers to load and unload goods.

Large Fleet Available

We have a large fleet of trucks equipped with tracking system and moving equipments to ensure the safe and smooth transport of your treasured belongings. Our trucks have hydraulic tailgate lift, which make it easier for our movers to load and unload goods.

Skills And Experience

With unmatched skills and experience, the trained staff of CBD Movers is par excellence. Having worked in this industry for 15 years gives us an edge over our competitors and that enables us to deliver flawless removal and relocation services.

No Hidden Cost

We always disclose all of the moving costs to our consumers in advance. We do not charge you any additional fees just for the purpose of collecting money. We only believe in delivering excellent work to our customers.

Moving Process

CBD Movers - From Packing To Moving

With CBD Movers, the leading removalists in Brisbane, your moving and packing woes are removed efficiently. The degree of dependability that we bring to the table is unmatched and exemplary. Let us understand in a few very easy steps, how the moving process is going to unfold.


Request An Online Quote

You will begin by requesting the removalist professional for an online quote. You can even ask for the same on a telephone call. Remember to do the same with several packers and movers in the city.

Receive And Compare

You will get a quote from CBD Movers within a 24-to-48-hour window. You can then compare it with the offers from various professionals, but we are certain you will choose CBD Movers.

Arrange For A Parking Space

The next step is to arrange for a parking spot on your property before the professionals arrive. This is where the vehicle will be parked so that transferring all your belongings to it, after they have been packed, becomes easy.

Move Into Your New Space

Now what? You're on the move! Your belongings will be conveyed to their destination without any hassle. Just lay back and grab a Diet Coke on your way to your destination.

Welcoming The Big Day – 10-Step Moving

CBD Movers will send out its professionals along with the necessary equipment, protective gear, trolleys, and various other tools to help you prepare for the move

  • The furniture will be dismantled, and all your belongings will be packed and secured one by one
  • Everything will be secured tightly and safely so that none of the objects fall from their place
  • All your belongings will be arranged inside the truck just as you specify
  • The billing details and additional charges will be conveyed to you before the journey begins
  • The moment you give us a heads up, the vehicle will depart for its destination
  • Upon arrival, you can inspect all your belongings for their condition and overall safety
  • You may then direct the professionals to unmount and unload your assets from the vehicle
  • The entire procedure is going to take place under your supervision and as per your specifications
  • Any dismantling and assembling guidelines given by you will be followed till the last detail
  • Once all your stuff is conveyed to your property and set up nicely, the final payment will be made

So, this is it. The moving process is complete, and you have moved into your new destination.

9 Tips And Tricks To Simplify Moving

Packing all your stuff and moving out from your current property to your next destination can be a stressful procedure. But once you have everything in order, the entire process becomes a lot less daunting. So... here it goes:

Always Begin By Making A List

Your moving checklist is going to contain your timeline and your moving budget, cost of packing and fuel, food and beverages, boxes, adhesive, tapes, and a lot more while you are in transit.

Send Out Notices

You cannot be moving out of the city or to another house without even notifying your friends and relatives. Send out a few letters or personalized emails to everyone who matters to you. This includes your office staff and neighbours as well.

Declutter Your Space

This way you will be reducing your burden a lot. Declutter your home/office so that you know which items to pack and which ones to throw out.

Choose A Different Box For Your Valuables

Always pick a different box for your valuable items and your delicate and expensive jewellery. Label them correctly and make sure to keep the box in your vehicle.

Do Not Overpack

It is never a good idea to stuff your boxes with your belongings. They are just going to get too heavy to carry and eventually they will break and spill out. You don't want that mess.

Don't Leave Any Empty Spaces

Just as well, it is never a good idea to leave any empty spaces in your boxes. This way you risk your items colliding with each other and breaking in transit.

Secure Your Breakable Items

Always invest in the right protective gear to secure all your breakable items.

Choose The Labels Wisely

Multi-coloured packing labels are a great option. They are as practical as they are cute to look at. They solve a lot of your problems when you are finally unpacking your stuff.

Set A Timer For Your Packing Chores

This is because packing can get out of hand when you forget to plan it wisely. You all must work together so that the packing goes just as planned.

  • Invest in the right boxes
  • Choose the right safety gear
  • Pick the most appropriate padding
  • Do not forget the label maker

This is the thing with packing and moving. It confuses you a lot. You have so much on your plate that you cannot focus on the things that matter the most. But hopefully, this section helped you out.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reassemble Or Dismantle My Furniture?

Yes, we can very well assemble, reassemble, dismantle and even fix your furniture pieces as required. There will be no extra charges for this service. The price that you pay is going to be an all-encompassing figure that will cover assembly and disassembly charges as well. We will take special care while performing these services so that no damage or accident occurs in the process.

When should i book my move?

You can book your move as soon as you are satisfied with our quote. Once you have made comparisons between various moving and packing companies, you may decide to choose the offer that suits you the best. It is advised to ensure that the destination is well kept and informed about your arrival and that of your possessions as well.

How long will it take to move me?

It is going to take less than 24 hours to put your belongings on the move. Depending upon how many furniture pieces and the number of belongings you have, it might take even less than a day to complete the process. Usually, office relocation is more time-consuming than a residential relocation.

How much does it cost for packing services?

As you very well know that we are a full-service removals company in Brisbane,which means that there is no separate cost for the packing service. The entire package is going to turn out very affordable for you. The final cost depends upon the number of belongings and the distance that is to be covered by the moving vehicle.

How much does moving services cost?

Our moving services always cost less than the industry average. This is despite the fact that we maintain a very high standard of service. You can get in touch with our representative to find out how much you will have to pay for the moving service.

Reliable Removalists Brisbane

When it comes to moving your precious belongings from one location to another regardless of the distance, the Brisbane removalists that you can trust is CBD Movers. We're not just known for our high-quality relocation services but the trust and faith that so many families and enterprises have put in us. We will get your stuff to your future home or office on time, every time.